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Indigo Ray Botanicals

Undone Everything Mist

Undone Everything Mist

ROSE. LEMONGRASS. PALO SANTO. Undone is a love letter to the messy bits in life. This blend dances with your senses and takes you on a mysterious ride. Fresh rose petals lift your senses while lemongrass sends a zing of energy up your spine. Earthy guaiac wood aka palo santo brings you back into your body and holds your soul closely with reverence of depths unknown. Undone is perfectly imperfect and ever changing...just like your story that is forever undone but oh so beautiful. We call these "everything mists" for good reason, you can literally use them on everything for a little refresh! Our non-toxic formula is perfect to use as a perfume, body mist, hair refresh, room refresh and even on your linens! Crafted with plant based & non-toxic isolates. 1.7oz glass bottle with a black metal fine mist sprayer.
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