Collection: Esmé Studios

Esmé Studios is a lifestyle brand as well as a statement about values. They combine the very best in terms of eco-friendly materials, comfort and design and make sure that it is produced in an ethical and socially responsible way. They live by the rule ‘buy less but buy better’ and that starts the moment they pick up a pen in their design studio.  They embrace their Scandinavian heritage which speaks of minimalism and timeless design - something in itself that works well with slow fashion and inclusivity.

Their clothes are meant to be worn for your everyday life - and for a long time! They are soft and comfortable for relaxing at home but stylish and refined enough to be right for most workplaces too. They use fabrics that not only are better for the planet but that still feel great next to your skin (after all, clothes should never be hard work). The end result?  Slow fashion that will become your favourite pieces in your wardrobe, season after season.