Collection: Szade

Szade cares more about relationships than they do about revenue and more about genuine sustainability than they do about greenwashing. Their goal with Szade is to bring the freshest frames in the best colorways to communities in the most sustainable, resourceful, and accessible way they can.
At Szade, they take a holistic approach to sustainability. What they do is important, but they wanted to focus on how they do it too. Their design studio and entire team operate within a repurposed chocolate factory in Melbourne, Australia. The brand ethos and philosophy of using existing resources to innovate and create led them to this unique space. 
They talk about what’s often overlooked in the fashion industry ; accessibility. Brands, designers and corporations are now aware of the importance of inclusivity, diversity and sustainability when marketing their products, but few address accessibility, which is one of the most important, core values of our world here at Szade. 

By working hard to keep their product as sustainable as possible while delivering them at the most accessible price, they can give more people the power to choose to buy better for the planet.