Collection: Sancia

Since launching in 2013, SANCIA has become known for its intricate, one of kind pieces, luxury leathers and brushed gold custom hardware, all of which have earned a loyal and global customer base.  With the introduction of an apparel collection in spring 2017, SANCIA now encompasses a full range of product categories with an exotic palette full of global influences, staying true to the brand’s core ethos of artisanal, handcrafted processes. SANCIA is designed with the modern jet-set in mind, with understated luxury at its core. Echoes of a free spirit meet compulsive attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship in a luxurious melange of colors and leathers.
Sancia is constantly seeking to reduce waste and their carbon footprint within every aspect of the brand.  All of their handbags and apparel are designed to last; from vegetable tanning (that uses natural non-chemical materials to tan the leather,) to sourcing recycled metal for the hardware and only working with sustainable fibers. 
SANCIA does not work with any synthetic fabrics, as well as being beautiful, the natural fibers they select are environmentally friendly and renewable.
The most important thing for SANCIA when it comes to sustainability is responsibility. Being a part of an industry that is based around consumption is challenging and they focus on ensuring they are responsible in the decisions they make.