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/ ver-loop / n. Dutch: process

VERLOOP began with a challenge and an idea. As knitwear producers, they were used to seeing textile waste—lots of it. They longed to do things differently. 

They put their expertise to use to turn excess deadstock yarn into quality, colorful knits.

Instead of sending excess yarn to landfills, they challenge themselves to make something new by working with deadstock yarn. This means their design process buzzes with experimental, creative energy. And so do their products.

Everything is designed for fun and function. The hope is that their cozy, colorful, and repurposed knits give you good feelings, inside and out.

Design and production all happen under one roof, from start to finish. That's how our tight-knit team is able to do what we love: save yarn from landfills and make the happiest knits around.

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